A Mortgage Story!

We love stories! We just celebrated story telling this past week. We call
it the Oscars…but let’s face it. All a good movie does is tell us story. Now we
may all like different stories! Your husband may like artistic, emotionally filled, thought-provoking, award winning movies like Space Balls, Caddy Shack or Major League. Your wife may like movies based on deep plots and high-browed story lines (the fact that Brad Pitt, George Clooney or one of those Magic Mike fellas are in them is coincidence). And our movie preference depends on our mood, the occasion and the company we keep. But…the basic premise of a movie is the same. Get involved as soon as possible…get you laughing or caring as soon as possible…get your time vested and committed and then end the movie crying, mad or laughing. Emotion…they want emotion and a good story does all that. It gets you…connects with you…and gets you vested.

Well since we are on stories…I have a story to tell. Now this may not win an Oscar. And when I say ‘may not’ I mean there is no chance at all. I mean you have a better shot of seeing monkeys flying brooms out of a castle than seeing this story on a big screen. Wait…monkeys on brooms??? Monkeys on brooms??? Oh well…I digress.

So here is the story line. The economy is trying to come back. Gas prices going up. People working hard for their take home pay and trying to find ways to save money. Out of the dust and fires of restructuring walks a local mortgage company. Fire raging in the back ground…slow motion yet confidently walking away from the financial rubble. Sleeves rolled up and work boots on, this mortgage company reaches out to the local families of its community. Offering ways to save money every month. Many families reach out and take the hand of the mortgage professionals and start saving money. Tragically some families miss their opportunity. However, our story line gets more specific. We need you to feel for the main character. At first glance you think this mortgage company is the main attraction. No, No, No. It’s the people they meet along the way and help.

So the story quickly becomes about “Sam and Suzy”.  A hard working couple…they trying to keep things going. Paying their bills on time…working 40, 50 sometimes 60 hours a week. Watching the price at the pump and at the store slowly creep up.

They decide to call this mortgage company  they have heard of. After all it’s free and why not…what do they have to loose. Plus it can be done on line and they know when it comes down to it…they can get in their cars and go see them…they are the local mortgage hero’s. So super fast (like super hero fast) the mortgage company responds–yes they can save money. How much you ask. You watch the couple read over the information and their faces slowly transform. A smile here…an eye brow lift there…a quick glance at their significant other.

Story-line details:

  • Convert from a 30 to 15 year loan
  • Shave 8 years off their mortgage
  • Drop their rate from their current 5.35% to to something much lower they qualify for.
  • Save money each month AND ten’s-of-thousands over the life of the loan
  • Now they can create a retirement fund – college fund – help other folks – you get it….their life gets better

They call the mortgage gurus and yes…it is confirmed this is not a dream. What will they do with that money? How much better can they retire? How many family members can they help? Plus…they will own their home by the time they are in their 50’s!!!!!!

Now here comes the great part. The deal is done in 27-days! No house payment the next month and then they are on track. It was free….easy and quick….and just in case you missed it….it will save them LOT’S OF MONEY! Being this is the movies…fast forward 10-years. That same couple still working hard coming home to a house they own…taking vacations that would have been difficult before and now they are putting some serious money into a retirement fund.

This plot is plays out every week at Peoples Home Equity in Chattanooga. They do this all day-every day. They do it for hundreds of clients and they do it the right way. They work as hard for your business as you do for your money. Call them to see if your story is the next one to be written…423-591-9801 or check them out on facebook at Peoples Home Equity Chattanooga or www.chattmortgage.com. Tune in every Monday night to ‘The Buyers Market’ on WGOW Talk Radio 102.3fm. Enjoy the popcorn and the movies. See you next time.

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